Connecticut has always been a state I've wondered about and wanted to travel to. When my mom and I did our New England Road Trip, Connecticut got it's chance. We decided to visit Mystic, Connecticut on our New England Road trip. Originally, we wanted to travel to Yale. Unfortunately, we were traveling during Commencement (graduation) week - and had learnt the hard way in Massachusetts when we went to visit Harvard. Harvard, I am sorry, was a complete mess. It took us forever to find parking, - ok, so maybe we should have used public transport, and that's on us - it was heaving with people, there were white poles and construction pieces everywhere, and it was actually pretty dirty, tons of trash around. Now I know we visited on a Sunday afternoon, after a market, during Commencement week, on a windy day, but we were kind of disappointed. SO, we opted to give Yale a skip this time, we didn't want to be disappointed with another Ivy League school that had been built up in our minds for years! 

Instead, we visited the little quaint town of Mystic, home to Mystic Seaport, the world's largest maritime museum, and Mystic Pizza - yes, I'm talking about the restaurant from the movie starring Julia Roberts. My mom and I were looking for something fun and a short drive from my workshop training in Auburn, MA, and this met all our criteria. We strolled through the tiny town, visiting the shops in Olde Mystik Village, and eating at Mystic Pizza. I was pleasantly surprised by their pizza - it was fantastic! It reminded me a lot of the pizza back home in South Africa,which is always a winner to me! We drove back the scenic way - I'm convinced my google maps knows I'm always keen for the scenic route because it takes me that way nearly every time on this trip! 

Things to do in Mystic, Connecticut:

  • Visit the Mystic Aquarium and see New England's only beluga whales
  • Explore Mystic Sea Port - the Mayflower II has been in restoration here
  • Take a sailing cruise
  • Wander around the shops of the Olde Mystik Village
  • Eat pizza at Mystic Pizza
  • Drive one of the many gorgeous scenic roads in and around Mystik and the neighboring towns

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Have you been to Connecticut or any other New England states? What was your favorite thing about it? Tell me in the comment section below :)