Thank you for your interest in working with me. The Traveling Ginger is a travel and foodie blog. It is a growing blog that shares information on travel, living as an expat, photography, and eating as much food from as many destinations as possible. I offer destination tips, as well as personal experiences, of traveling, usually as a solo female, across the world. I have three personal travel goals: one to check off as many states before I turn 30, to visit as many countries as I possibly can, and to cook food from every country in the world. All the while documenting my experiences and my showing my photography. AND juggling a full-time business of my own. 

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What I offer

I like to pursue any kind of local and international possible wherever I am traveling to. I am passionate about new experiences and new adventures, something to photograph, and something to share the world with. Let me promote you! I aim to provide high quality, interesting photography and helpful content to showcase your brand, experience, hotel, restaurant, city or country. I am always on the look out for services and products that will help my reader's and that will encourage them to get out and experience the world, the way it is meant to. 

I offer exposure in various mediums: my blog and website, social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter. I write about many things including:

  • activity and experience reviews
  • accommodation reviews
  • restaurant reviews
  • product reviews
  • brand ambassadorship
  • media and press trips
  • sponsored posts
  • contests and giveaways

I am excited to work with you! If you would like to partnership with me, please head to my contact form or email me at I will get back to you as soon as possible! 

Brands I have worked with



  • MATADOR NETWORK @matadornetwork
  • TOP IRELAND PHOTO @topirelandphoto
  • IRISH DAILY @irish_daily
  • LOVES IRELAND @loves_ireland
  • INSTA IRELAND @insta_ireland
  • INSPIRE IRELAND @insp.ireland
  • EVERYDAY RAJASTHAN @everyday.rajasthan
  • COLORS OF RAJASTHAN @colours_of_rajasthan
  • UDAIPUR CITY @udaipurcity
  • INSIDE INDIA TOUR @inside_tour_india
  • INSTA UDAIPUR @instaudaipur
  • SUNRISE AND SUNSETS INSTAGRAM @sunrise_and_sunsets
  • GREAT CAPTURES PERU @great_captures_peru
  • COME TO PERU @ctperu
  • VIVE MEXICO @vive_mexico
  • RUTEANDO PERU @ruteandoperu
  • WE LOVE RED HAIR @weloveredhair
  • THEXPATLIFE @thepxatlife
  • PALM BEACH ILLUSTRATED @pbillustrated
  • HERTZ ISRAEL @Hertz_Israel