The Saraya Corniche Hotel is located in Doha, Qatar and is the perfect hotel for a stay in Doha. The hotel is located on the shores of the Corniche and offers great views of Doha, and is nearby to many tourist spots, including the Museum of Islamic Art and the Souk Waquif. I stayed at the hotel on my return leg of my trip to India. My connection back to the states was 20 hours long through Doha on Qatar Airways, so I opted for a transit visa to explore the city. This review of the Saraya Corniche Hotel in Doha, Qatar will explain exactly why this is one of my favorite hotels. I also have a complete guide on how to do an extended layover in Qatar, just like I did in this stay. 

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The Saraya Corniche Hotel was incredible easy to get to from the airport. At the airport, I simply showed the taxi driver the hotel on google maps and he knew exactly how to get there. The staff greeted me in reception and were very friendly and welcoming. Initially, they could not find my reservation which I quickly learnt was MY fault! I had booked the room for the following night, getting my dates all mixed up. After five minutes, the hotel was able to accommodate me in the original room I booked for the evening, assuring me everything was fine, and I was not charged extra! What a great hotel right? They were fully able to support me despite my own mistake. Other than that, check in was a complete breeze, as well as check out. Top notch service all around, in my opinion! 



The Saraya Corniche Hotel rooms are amazing! The pictures of them on Expedia were actually the main reason why I booked this hotel for my 20 hour layover in Qatar. The hotels have bright, royal, rich and luxurious colors, and a distinct Arabian theme. That might be cheesy for some, but I loved it. The hotel itself was well-priced, but I thought the decor made it super fancy. The rooms are relatively smaller than what they appear online, but they are still very nice. I was booked into the Deluxe room with a King bed and Corniche view. The Corniche view faces the water, the Museum of Islamic Art, the promenade and the business district and Corniche across the water. It includes a small kitchenette and bathroom. The bed was extremely comfortable and the ambiance was great. At night, I opened all the curtains so I could see all the nights of the skyscrapers across the water. So so pretty! 


The Saraya Corniche Hotel offers fast and complimentary wifi for all guests, along with satellite/cable TV in all the rooms. It also offers all guests complimentary access to gym facilities, the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and steam rooms. What is really great about this hotel is its location. It is within walking distance to a lot of the main tourist sites in Doha, and is also easy to arrange a taxi from your hotel. The Museum of Islamic Art is a 10 minute walk, and the Souk Waquif is just a little further. The Pearl Monument is also within walking distance. I visited all these locations via walking from my hotel.  


The Saraya Corniche Hotel offers breakfast and room service, and has a restaurant and lounge located in the hotel. The Izmir Restaurant offers Arabic, Oriental and Mediterranean options. The Divan lounge offers snacks, coffees, teas, and mid day Qatari Karak and dates. Unfortunately, I did not try any of these. I had planned on purchasing breakfast however my flight left super early so it wouldn't have worked out. 


The hotel service at the Saraya Corniche was great. The staff were polite and friendly and made me feel welcome straight away. As I said above, at first they could not find my reservation, and I was kind of freaking out and confused and upset. The staff offered me some tea in the Divan lounge while they figured it out. Turns out I had made the mistake of booking my hotel for the next day. You can totally read more of the craziness of my trip to India and the Middle East and all the confusions and mix ups here. Anyway, the staff made a few calls and were able to get me in for that night, no extra charge whatsoever, and the same room I had booked online. They were very gracious and helpful. The staff also offer currency exchange at the hotel. With a ring down to the front desk, I was also able to arrange for a taxi to take me to the airport early in the morning. I could not have been happier with the staff and overall service. 



This has to be one of my favorite hotels. I absolutely loved the decor and theme. The location of the hotel was fantastic, and the customer service level of the staff was top notch. I only have very two minor complaints. The great view of my hotel was slightly spoilt by the dirty windows - however, it was raining in the middle of the desert - I'm pretty sure that makes it difficult to keep 8th story high windows clean! So I can't really fault them on that! My second minor complaint was that my shower was cold and didn't warm up. It was early in the morning, so maybe that's a factor, I don't know. But it was pretty freezing cold! I was checking out immediately after so there wasn't any time to fix it, which is fine, but I was cold! Other than that, the entire experience was fantastic, and I really enjoyed my stay here. 

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