If you've read my blog before you'll know that while I live in the USA, and was born in South Africa, my family is actually British, originating from Blackpool, in the United Kingdom. Growing up, we've spent many holidays and vacations in Blackpool and usually, my sister and I would stay with family. Gone are the days though where I could get away with staying at my grandparents' house in England. I am not so little anymore, and when you add my sister, my little cousin and me into my grandmother's house, there just isn’t enough room for us all. And I am pretty sure that she may not want to deal with all of us at once for a whole week (actually, she probably would). After taking some time to research where to stay in Blackpool, the one hotel that kept catching my eye was the Number One South Beach Hotel. Online, I could see that it was a family-run business, with an appreciation for travel, hospitality, and décor. The individually decorated rooms and dining attracted me, and I am so glad that we ended up staying here. From some of the best breakfasts we had in the UK and Ireland, to the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in, the Number One South Beach Hotel deserves its accolades from Visit England as a five-star hotel and should be a contender if you are deciding on where to stay in Blackpool.

This is a sponsored post. We received a discount for our review of the hotel, however my opinions are as always my own.

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The Rooms at Number One South Beach Hotel

The hotel is run by Clare and Mark Smith, along with their business partners Janet and Graham Oxley. They have genuinely perfected what is the perfect blend of hotel and BnB – the service, warmth and intimacy of a Bed and Breakfast, but the luxury and quality of a top hotel.

There are fourteen rooms available at the Number One South Beach Hotel, and all of them have a specific theme and design. We stayed in a King-ensuite sea view room called Decadence and were really happy and impressed. The room is decorated in orange and brown tones and had a balcony that looked onto the park and ocean. We had a king sized bed, which is probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. This sorted out my boyfriend's sleeping troubles the first night! The bedcovers are Egyptian cotton and goose-down pillows. There is a plasma TV, DVD player and WiFi connectivity in all the rooms, as well as remote control lighting. This was very useful when we didn’t want to get out of our cozy bed to turn off the lights. The en-suite bathroom was glorious with a whirlpool bath which I made good use of when getting ready for my cousin’s wedding. The room was lovely, and we really enjoyed staying here after our exhausting rush around Ireland and London. We had all the space we needed, it was quiet and cozy, and was like a home away from home!

Dining and Food at Number One South Beach Hotel

The food at Number One South Beach is superb. We ordered our breakfasts the night before, and they were very forgiving when we had forgotten to do it and gave our orders late! There is quite a selection of breakfast meals on offer, and it was definitely some of the best food we’ve had on our entire trip. The hotel also offers lunch and evening meals and both the menus for these looked lovely. Their chef is top notch, that is for sure! The dining room is also very nice and overlooks onto the park. It was nice to be greeted with such warmth every morning, plus a steaming cup of coffee and delicious breakfast. 

Service at Number One South Beach Hotel

The Number One South Beach Hotel deserves its five-star rating from Visit England based on their service alone. We were always greeted with warmth and genuine interest whenever we returned to the hotel – no matter if it was late at night after wedding festivities! I really enjoyed conversing with the staff and owners, and they made us feel so welcome and at home. The staff always had advice to give on what to see in Blackpool and even information that I had not known before. 

Activities at Number One South Beach Hotel

The hotel is in an excellent location for visitors to Blackpool. Blackpool is by no means a large town, but I can imagine that in the summer when it is warmer (we were here in winter) guests would enjoy being able to step outside and be right on the promenade to take in all of Blackpool’s Summer attractions. The hotel is close to multiple restaurants, the beach, the promenade, shops and arcades and amusement parks. To check out what is nearby to the Number One South Beach Hotel read my post on Things to do in Blackpool.

Review at Number one south beach hotel

You know how everyone says they can’t wait to get home to their bed? Well, I would give anything to have this hotel’s bed every day. When we spoke to Mark, he told us about how his wife feels the most important thing about running a good Bnb is the Bed and the Breakfast. The bed was like sleeping in a cloud. It was so comfortable and so cozy. It was that wonderful that I actually inspected the mattress and bedding to find out what brands they were. The breakfast is equally good. Every morning we were served a breakfast of our choice, including coffee and tea. My boyfriend really enjoyed his meal, and I was thrilled with a lovely delicious English breakfast every morning. We had the best seat in the dining room too, overlooking the park. The Number One South Beach Hotel is probably one of the nicest hotels/Bnbs I’ve had the pleasure of staying in.

We also really enjoy the jet bath, where I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban before getting ready for my cousin’s birthday. The hotel allows you to lend DVDs from their collection, so every night we put in a DVD to watch before going to sleep. I really liked the personal attention to details in the room and loved that our room had a piece of artwork from Sri Lanka. The slippers, bathrobes and an emergency kit were put to good use! The staff was so friendly and helpful. I can say that this is honestly one of the best hotels I’ve stayed in. Right here in my family’s little old hometown in England! No wonder this hotel has five stars! 

Thank you to the Number One South Beach for sponsoring part of our stay! As always, opinions above are my own.