If you are a foodie and in New York City, you can definitely find a million places to eat whether within your budget or not. New York City is an incredible place to be a foodie, especially since Smorgasburg Food Market was started. I first wrote a post on Smorgasburg back in August 2014 - my first post on my blog. That's a pretty big deal. Since then, Smorgasburg has become immensely popular and expanded and grown since then. So if you are traveling to NYC, or live there, do yourself a massive culinary favor, and visit the Smorgasburg Food Flea Market. Oh my word, your taste buds and your tummy will not be disappointed, and they will love you forever - no matter the temporary discomfort from over-indulgence you might experience!

When I turned the corner in Brooklyn and saw the food market, I just about died and went to heaven. Not to mention, the views of the financial district of New York are stunning. What more could you ask for - great food and view to boot! I am a huge fan of food, especially anything unique and different, and I love trying anything new. From ramen noodle burgers to tacos, ice lollies (ice cream) to bruffins (brunch in a muffin), pizza to lobster rolls, from macaroons to bubble tea,  your taste buds and tummy are spoiled for choice. I circled this market several times before making my decision.

Ramen Burger at smorgasburg new york

I eventually concluded that I HAD to try a Ramen Burger. I'd seen them posted on the various foodie blogs/Instagram accounts that I follow and thought, I can't not try this one! Clearly, my decision was as common as everyone else because there was a bit of a long line for this one. It did not disappoint though. The burger itself was delicious and tasty, and the noodles made an interesting difference to a usual bun. Such an interesting and unique way to blend of American and Japanese culture and food. DELICIOUS! I also ate this across from the city skyline, in the shade. A great experience.

Of course, with all the interesting culinary options available, I had to try something else. One of my favorite flea market foods back home was called "Chip n Dip". Essentially, you got some chips (fries) and you chose a sauce, and they slathered it all over your chips for you. Then you got a little fork and ate it all up. So my taste buds were kind of craving a Chip n Dip type experience. That's where Home Frite came in. Fresh, hand cut fries and gorgeous home made sauces. It wasn't quite the same as Chip n Dip obviously, but it certainly hit the spot. I, again, enjoyed these with the skyline in the background.

Home Frite chips at smorgasburg food market

Home Frite chips at smorgasburg food market

By this point, the various delightful looking drinks on display were calling my name. I always travel with water in my backpack, but I felt that this wasn't enough to complete my wonderful afternoon at Smorgasburg. I stopped at the Bolivian LLAMA Party stall for a fruity drink. I cannot remember what my drink was called, only that is was a beautiful, zesty and refreshing juice, much needed on a hot New York afternoon after stuffing myself.

I left Smorgasburg in a rush to go and watch the World Cup 2014 final between Germany and Argentina. Don't do this. Don't rush off and walk too quickly. You will get a cramp and stomach ache. Enjoy it. Sit along the promenade or under the sprightly trees in the park. Sunbathe, soak up the sun. I promised Smorgasburg I would return, but unfortunately, I did not get a chance. So if you're reading this and contemplating a trip to the market - do it! And eat everything for me! 

Since writing this post in 2014, Smorgasburg has expanded to 10 different locations, all with different focuses. Some of them are food centric, others are flea markets. Some operate year round, and some are only open in the Summer. Either way, Smorgasburg is a fantastic expereince, no matter the location.