New Jersey

New York City Skyline from New Jersey Hoboken 

In July of 2014, I officially checked off New Jersey on my list. State number 16. Previously, I thought I had been to New Jersey, but I was misled! You see, when I was little, the year 2000, I traveled to the US with my family. We did the whole Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island shebang and it was awesome. Fast forward to 2013, sitting in Georgia, discussing our travels, a random stranger at a bar let me know that I had in fact been to New Jersey! Purely because I had been to visit Lady Liberty, and she was in NJ territory so there you go! 

My travel companion in Georgia later informed me that this was a highly contentious issue, and in fact, New York thought it belong to them. He soon explained that Miss Liberty belongs to no state, and is federally owned. I had to Google and Wikipedia what this meant, as I was a very naive South African at the point, and after visiting DC, I was disappointed to find out that that meant I could not add Washington D.C or NJ as a state! So of course, I had to make it official, and check off NJ.

Little did I know how inefficient I am at navigating public transport. I could not find the PATH trains. I looked alllll over 32nd St for a good 45 minutes and could not figure out where I was going wrong. I even went into Victoria's Secret for ten minutes to take my mind of my colossal inability to navigate public transport systems. I texted my mom my failures and she, being all trip advisor savvy with her Ipad mini, informed me that while the PATH station is called 32nd, it is actually 33rd (or was it vice versa?). I set off again, and then spent another 10 minutes looking around like a lost soul. I eventually found the entrance hiding behind the Broadway Bites outdoors eating area. YAY! SUCCESS AT LAST! (Thank you Mom!)

Apart from my failures to negotiate public transport, I had a great day! I watched delivery men leave Carlos' Bakery (I was not hanging around outside like a stalker, they happened to drive out back while I was passing by), I ate dodgy Thai food at a well reviewed Thai restaurant and I wondered a mile or so up the main street, looking in all the boutiques (Dear Jane is a great one by the way - I'm disappointed I didn't actually buy anything).

One of the best things about Hoboken, in my opinion, is the view of New York. It is breathtaking! If you are looking for amazing pictures of the entire skyline, Hoboken is definitely one of the best places to go to. I'm no New Yorker, and I don't profess to know THE best places ever for a great picture, but I think Hoboken definitely is a great spot to try. They have a lovely park along the waterfront as you get off the station as well. It is beautiful! Grab some ice cream and sit in the park and soak up the sun if you are there in summer! It was amazing.