Mexico baby! After two years of living in the States I'm finally heading to Mexico! I am yet again going solo, but will be traveling on another Contiki, the Mexico Grande trip. It involves 13 days of exploring the Central American country, including Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and high on my bucket list - Chichen Itza. After my amazing Contiki trip to Peru in November of last year, I am incredibly excited to get on the road again and travel to a new, unexplored part of the world! 

I arrive in Mexico City for the pre-tour night on the 26th June. There I will meet up with my Contiki tour mates. It's going to be interesting, as the Mexico Grande tour with Contiki links up with a whole bunch of other Mexico trips on Contiki, such as the Mexico Fiesta. I am looking forward to meeting my tour mates. The following day our tour begins!

Day 1:

Today we are driving to the city of Guanajuato. It is historically a mining town and is a UNESCO World Heritage City. Here we will visit the Historic Center, the Callejon de Beso (source of a local love legend) and the Templo de San Cayetano. 

Day 2:

After a night in Guanajuato, we head to Guadalajara, or the "Pearl of the West". After exploring the city we will be heading to the Mariachi Plaza, to experience a Mariachi band and live music - the sound of Mexico apparently!

Day 3-6:

We head on over to  Puerto Vallarta, with a stop to see the Ceboruco, an old volcano. We spend the next three days in Puerto Vallarta, soaking up the sand and sun. We have a couple of options to go snorkeling and experiencing the ocean life in this area. My friends who have been on this tour before said that you have the option to go swimming with whale sharks - I am beyond pumped for this part of the trip! Fingers crossed I make it! 

Day 6-7:

We spend the night in Tequila, where we learn about (and probably down a lot of), what else, Tequila!

Day 7-8:

The tour heads to Mexico City to explore this capital city. We will be visiting many sights on a private tour, and I cannot wait to check out this city. Mexico City houses over 20 million people with the population steadily increasing. Fun fact: The city boasts the most museums in the world - how cool is that? I am excited to explore this massive city and visit the Teotihuacan. 

Day 9:

From Mexico City, we fly to Merida, inching our way closer to Chichen Itza and Cancun. We explore the city for the day.

Day 10:

Off to Chichen Itza! This one has been on the bucket list for a long time. I'm excited to explore this sight, one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sights and Mayan ruins. After exploring, we continue on to Cancun. 

Day 11-13:

The last couple of days are spent in Cancun, with a day trip to Playa Del Carmen. Soaking up some more sand and sun, and experiencing the world-reknown night life! Then it's back to the US of A after a trip of a lifetime! 

I cannot wait to touch down in Mexico and share my adventure with you! 

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