Immunizations for Peru

With my upcoming trip to Peru, I needed to get a couple immunizations done to make sure I wouldn't get sick on my travels. I thought this would be a pretty easy task - just pop into the pharmacy or a doctor's room, boom, I'm done. Nope. It took me about 2 hours of calling and Google searching (and many problems with the public health clinics) to make an appointment. I finally settled on Passport Health in Juno Beach. They were the only place that could offer me a definite appointment time and prices (eek). I went to the offices in Juno Beach, as it was closest to me.

Truthfully, I was expecting a nurse to stick me with a needle, take my money, and send me on my way. Passport Health Juno Beach seriously impressed me. Apart from getting my injections (ouch), Melissa Saieg (R.N) from the Juno Beach location, went through with me all the immunizations that are recommended. She also discussed some of the health concerns in Peru, such as altitude sickness in Cusco and Lake Titicaca. She suggested medication to help with altitude sickness and also gave me a prescription for antibiotics in case I became ill on my trip. She suggested some other things to consider, and reminded me to be careful about the food and drinks - I have read this several times in guidebooks that street food and tap water are no no's in Peru, but I was happy that she re-iterated this. I even left with contact information for a clinic in Cusco that had been recommended by one of her colleagues.

Melissa also provided me with a booklet with travel documents and information to keep me healthy and safe while traveling. Upon receiving my injections, I was also offered a lollipop, and the holes in my arms were covered with Looney Toons band-aids. What more can you ask for?

I would highly recommend Passport Health to anyone seeking his or her Immunizations. Melissa, at the Juno Beach location, was incredibly professional and helpful, and I was very happy (with dead arms) leaving her office.

In a side note: I received the Hep A & B shot, yellow fever and Typhoid. When my family moved to the US, we had to get a whole range of shots to become legal residents here. So most of the other shots needed were done around then. For the areas I was visiting in Peru, I actually didn't need the yellow fever shot. You only need it if you are going into the Amazonia and other parts of South America. But, because I plan on a trip to Brazil and other spots in South America in the next year or two, I thought it was best to get them all done now. The injections can be pretty pricey, no matter where you go... But with the professional and helpful service from Passport Health, this process is a lot easier! Yay immunizations!