A Very American Halloween


The best night of the year in the United States of America! More like the best two weeks in America.  This year, I truly felt like I was truly embodying the American Halloween spirit.

I loved all the decorations that people put up. This guy is the next door neighbor of one of my students. He spent three weeks building the gates and other decor. His four year old daughter would not come out the front of the house - I'm genuinely not surprised.

Halloween Decorations outside a house in Florida

I witnessed Trick or Treating to the max in my friend’s suburb. Thousands of cars parked along the road to go to a neighborhood’s self-set up backyard Haunted House. Literally thousands of kids in all manner of costumes. I handed out candy to trick or treaters in my area, and then went to all the adults’ parties. I even dressed up my dog... He's not a fan.

My reluctant Cairn Terrier dressed up for Halloween

I attended a Harry Potter themed house party. It was awesome! I found my people.

Harry Potter Themed Halloween

I made my own costume. I like to go as iconic Red heads. Last year, I was Ginny from Harry Potter. This year I decided it was too expensive to buy a costume, so I made a Poison Ivy costume (for less than $20). I actually went ahead and had two costumes! You know, cos this is AMERICA!

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume
Harvey Dent Halloween costume

I went downtown to a Halloween Street Party with another thousand creepy clowns, vampires, super heroes, and other monsters.

Halloween Moon Fest Party in West Palm
Poison Ivy and Super woman Costume Halloween

I went to a country bar dressed as a broken doll with a slutty male zombie nurse and Two-Faced Harvey. And we all made our own costumes too. How crazy is my friend's make up? So insane!

broken doll halloween
Halloween at Renegades, West Palm Beach

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Halloween is, without a doubt, the best two weeks in America! Can’t wait for it again next year!

What iconic red head should I be next year?