8 Reasons to Love America

After living in America for a year and half, I have compiled my top 8 reasons to love the US of A.

8 reasons to love America USA

8. Refills.

Refills are just awesome. Unlimited cool drink? I’ll take it. I don’t have to pay for an extra drink; I’ll definitely have another, and one to go. Sure - they end up wasting a lot, servers often refill your drink and you weren't even finished. And yes, sometimes it's like you asked for cool drink with your water, but it's unlimited! EVERYONE loves unlimited!


7. Drive-through EVERYTHANG!

Drive-through pharmacy, drive-through bank, drive-through Starbucks, drive-through bar, drive-through EVERYTHANG! I do not have to get out my car to go to the pharmacy or the bank? Now that is convenient! Added to that, when I receive a check, I can just take a picture of it on my phone and the money goes into my account – don’t even need a drive-through for that one!  

6. Halloween

Halloween is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year. People take Halloween seriously in America. By August, people are already planning and discussing their costumes. Candy and decorations arrive in stores no later than September 1st. Come the first day of October, and everyone has their lawns decked out in spooky and creepy decorations. The last  two weeks of October is a legit party every day. So obviously, you need several costumes. With Halloween around the corner, I’m planning my second one on Pinterest right now!

Big Harry Potter fan here, so naturally, I was Ginny Weasley for my first big Halloween party. And I found a lovely Irish Harry in West Palm Beach.

Big Harry Potter fan here, so naturally, I was Ginny Weasley for my first big Halloween party. And I found a lovely Irish Harry in West Palm Beach.

Moon Fest Halloween Party, West Palm Beach (around 7000 people usually rock up for this party, every year!)

Moon Fest Halloween Party, West Palm Beach (around 7000 people usually rock up for this party, every year!)

5. Holidays in general.

America takes its holidays pretty seriously, and they will decorate to fit the holiday. Wreaths and lawn decorations are all you need to see to know what time of year it is. Go into the stores and they'll let you know too, just in case you forget. It's pretty fantastic to see an entire neighborhood decorate themselves for Christmas, or to see fireworks on July 4th. Holidays in America are awesome. And, as I have discovered, every holiday is just another occasion to party.

4. Sales! EVERYTHANG is on sale!

This was one of the weirdest but most awesome things I learnt about America. SALES! If you sign up for reward cards, you get coupons or vouchers. If you use their credit cards, you get discounts. If you buy one, you get half off another one. If it is cheaper next week, they’ll give you your money back. If someone else offers it cheaper they will match the price. Oh you have a coupon? Wel,l you can't use it today, because the entire store is 60% off! WHAT! Take my money. As an example, I bought my first DSLR Nikon camera with two lenses and a camera bag for under $600. I saved over $300. God Bless America. Online Shopping is just as fantastic, and I do not need to leave the comfort of my own home. I’ll have one of those and one of those and one of those. Click. On top of that, any holiday in the United States is also another reason to shop, shop, shop! Sales, sales and more sales! Woo! {This totally makes me sound like a shop-a-holic... I'm really not!}

Black Friday sales Memes
Black Friday Sales Meme

3. Netflix

Oh Netflix. I could go on for days about Netflix. So many shows, so much binge-watching to be done. I should write an Ode to Netflix. For less than $10 a month you have unlimited access to a wide variety of TV shows and movies. A couple months ago I wasn't too impressed with them, I was struggling to find great shows or movies that I wanted to watch. But lately, they have pulled out all the stops. With all the shows back on circuit with the fall, they released a bunch of the latest seasons for all sorts of shows. And if I lived in a cold state in the USA, I would not need to venture outside this winter, with Netflix to keep me company. Oh! And news update – every episode of Friends ever will be available on Jan 1, 2015. Boom.

Netflix meme

2. Travelers Paradise

America is so big that you can see a multitude of different destinations in one country. The downside is that being so big means as an international traveler, you are only scratching the surface. You have the big cities like New York, LA, Miami, and Chicago. You have the hiking paradise of the Pacific North West. You have the beaches of Florida and California, and the magnificent islands and volcanoes of Hawaii. You have the wilderness of Alaska and the snow peaks of the Rocky Mountains. You have the canyons and deserts in Arizona and Nevada. You have farmlands and the plantations of the South, and the historic towns of the North East. What more could you ask for? I’m planning to hit every state, and you can keep up with me over here.

Map of USA


1. Murica!

Never have I met people with more nationalist pride than Americans. It does not matter where in America they are from, they bleed blue, white and red. They may not necessarily compete in a grand scale in world sports (other than the Olympics and most recently, have garnered a greater soccer following), or be well liked by the rest of the world (kind of silly in my personal opinion), but man, are they patriotic! As an expat living in the USA, it is pretty incredible to watch how supportive and patriotic Americans are. There are massive differences in culture, world-views, politics and opinions in the country, and in many ways, I feel different states are like countries unto their own, but no matter what, they are still Americans. It is definitely inspiring to see a nation, no matter how different or divided its people are, united around their nationality and national flag.  


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