50 states before 30: MASSACHUSETTS

Little did I know that Massachusetts is a significant part of American history - like really significant! There are so many things to see and do in this state related to the history of this incredible country, and I only really realized it once we were there (or close to getting there). Massachusetts is definitely one of my favorite states so far, just from the sheer amount of historical importance there is here. On our road trip of New England (and my work training trip), we visited Boston, Salem, Plymouth and  a dinky town called Auburn, which was near my training site. 


Salem, Massachusetts

Salem, a small town located in North East of Massachusetts and a 45 minute drive from Boston, is famous for the 1692 Witch Trials, where twenty people were wrongly executed for witchcraft. The town is now a major tourist attraction in Massachusetts, and is a top Halloween travel destination. Of course, the town boasts everything witchy and spooky, with many sites of historical interest. 

Things to do in Salem, MA

  • Reflect upon the Salem Witch Trials Memorial
  • Take a walking tour of historic Salem and learn the history of this town and of the Witch Trials
  • Visit "The Witches House" or the house of judge Jonoathan Corwin, the only structure still standing with direct links to the Witch Trials of 1692
  • Explore the Peabody Essex Museum, one of the oldest, continuously running art museums in America
  • Go hunting for all the filming locations from Hocus Pocus

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston has TONS of incredible things to see and do. While it's considered a big city, its actually not that big physically. Despite this, whatever your looking for in a Bostonian adventure, you can certainly find it here. Boston has culture, history, entertainment, and food! Lobster roll and Boston Cream pie anyone? 

Things to do in Boston

  • Learn about the history of Boston and it's importance in the American Revolution while walking the Freedom Trail
  • Catch a ball game with the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park - the American past time
  • Hang out with the golden ducks in Boston's Public Garden
  • Picnic in Boston Common
  • Devour a Boston Cream Pie at it's birthplace, the Parker House Hotel
  • Lobster Roll.... just eat one.
  • Chow down (lobster roll or not) at the historic Quincy Market
  • Wonder through the streets of beautiful Beacon Hill
  • Cross over the river and walk the campuses of Harvard and MIT

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Plymouth, Massachusetts is known as America's Hometown. Why? Because its the home of the Pilgrims, and where the passengers on the Mayflower first settled. It is where New England was first established and is one of the oldest municipalities in the United States. Around 40 miles south of Boston, this town is legend for the site of the first Thanksgiving Feast. On my trip to New England, my mom and I traveled to the Plimoth Plantation and explored the historic parts of the town. Plimoth Plantation is an incredible "living history" exhibit showcasing the Pilgrims and the Wamponoag. 


Have you traveled to Massachusetts? What do you recommend seeing on a trip to this fascinating state? Let me know in the comments below!